Processing Offline Payments *PAX / Optomany

Topic: Payment News (Wed 5th Jan 2022)

Over the last few days there has been an issue with S800 & S900 terminals not being able to take payments.
Although a fix is on the way, the below might help in the meantime.

Your options:

1) Call the Payment Authorisation Line on 0371 200 1436

The Authorisation Operator will ask you for the following information:
• The card number
• The card issue number (if applicable)
• Your AIB Merchant Services merchant number
• The exact amount of the card transaction
• The card expiry date

You may also be asked to for:
• The name embossed on the card
• Whether the presenter of the card is male or female.

2) The debit and credit card authorisation form

Download Form Here! allows you to write down all of your clients details so that when you’re up and running again you can then complete the transactions as a card not present transaction.

Just remember to get them to sign the form and only process the amount agreed or you face a charge back and fraud issues.

Please ensure that all card details and customer information you write down is disposed of in a safe manner. We highly recommend that you shred the documents as soon as you have processed the transactions. This will also help ensure you remain PCI compliant.

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