Processing Offline Payments *PAX / Optomany

Processing Offline Payments *PAX / Optomany

Wed 5th Jan 2022

The New £100 contactless limit

As of October 15th 2021, the new £100 floor limit allows customers to purchase goods and services up to the value of £100 without having to enter their PIN.

Mon 25th Oct 2021

What is a floor limit?

The term floor limit was introduced back in the days when credit card transactions were authorised by phone. Imagine the scenario; a packed shop floor on a Saturday afternoon with customers lined up to pay for goods on their credit or debit cards.

Mon 25th Oct 2021

Duplicate Transaction, What do I do?

What Is a Duplicate Transaction And How May It Affect My Business?

Mon 3rd Feb 2020

Card Fees Increase From Jan 2020

New Card Fees Which Will be Introduced from January 2020 and How They May Affect You.

Thu 19th Dec 2019

Raising a chargeback

What factors should be considered before raising a chargeback.

Wed 4th Dec 2019

What would a cashless society really mean?

What would the practical implications of a cashless society mean to modern day?

Fri 15th Nov 2019

Should My Business Accept Samsung Pay?

Technology is moving fast, and we are entering the age of Mobile Pay systems.

Wed 30th Oct 2019

Google Pay as a Modern Day Technology

The growing trend among a number of modern day shoppers called Google Pay

Wed 30th Oct 2019

What Is Apple Pay?

Everything you need to know about Apple Pay

Mon 14th Oct 2019

International Payments To Be Reduced By 40%

Great news to reduce costs for retailers who accept international cards

Mon 13th May 2019

Biometric bank cards - fingerprint scanners could be used everywhere!

Fingerprint scanner cards are currently in trials, if they’re successful we could say goodbye to the traditional chip and PIN

Thu 5th Jul 2018

Tap and Go Society

Non-cash payments are on the rise and we become part of the ever-growing tap and go society.

Wed 21st Feb 2018

Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

What does the second Payment Services Directive (PSD2) mean for merchants?

Tue 6th Feb 2018

Bank Holiday Payment Submissions

‘Why are my payments sometimes delayed?’

Mon 5th Feb 2018

Global Receipt Shortage

Shortage of paper receipts are driving prices up by 15% from 1st April 2018

Thu 1st Feb 2018

Visa And Mastercard Allow You To Spend With Gold!

The trend to move away from cash as a means of everyday spending is accelerating with the announcement of two new payment cards that enable users to save and spend forms of wealth other than money.

Thu 25th Jan 2018

Visa saves Monarch and Ryanair Travellers

Visa have expanded their partnership with leading global specialist in air-claims management company AirRefund.

Thu 26th Oct 2017

Trends to put in your Cyber Security Strategy

Cyber crime is a growing problem and businesses, do you recognise a few of the major cyber security trends?

Fri 4th Aug 2017

6 Reasons Phishing is so Successful and Popular Today

Phishing attacks are becoming increasingly popular and new methods are being developed putting millions of users worldwide at risk.

Fri 21st Jul 2017

Wearable Payments: The Future of Commerce

Without a doubt, new and emerging wearable payments are changing the way we spend.

Thu 13th Jul 2017

Money Laundering Regulation Update 2017

Money Laundering Regulation Update 2017 - The UK Government has opened its consultation on new rules on anti-money laundering, which are to come into force in June 2017

Tue 20th Jun 2017

Travel for free on the Tube with just a Lucozade bottle

Free Lucozade bottles with a contactless chip at the base are being handed out at Oxford Circus station

Wed 7th Jun 2017